Come to the virgin forest!

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Online Pavillion
13 OCT 2019 - 1 March 2020
24 FEB - 01 March 2020
28 Feb - 29 Feb 2020

ONLINE PAVILLION / Rico Linns / Studio Bijari / David Galasse / OLAF BREUNING / Julio Mariutti / Frederico Heer / urs fischer / Jade Maciel / Pedro Martinho Fabra / Eugenio Falivene Cara / ????
OFFLINE EXHIBITION / Rico Linns / Studio Bijari / David Galasse / ???? / Julio Mariutti / Frederico Heer / ???? / Jade Maciel / Pedro Martinho Fabra / Eugenio Falivene Cara / ????? /
SYMPOSIUM / ???? / ???? / ???? / ???? /
pavilion theme / Finding its inspiration in the many moments in which Brazilian visual culture has dealt with its own marginality, both in terms of freeing itself from the cultural dependency that has marked the beginning of the 20th Century from when we borrow the sentence PRA MATA VIRGEM! Come to the Virgin Forest! And in terms of defining a place of intervention in the cultural field which can deal freely with the aggressiveness of an always undefined culture, this proposal is an invitation to artists and designers to aim at anything that can release the unfamiliar paths of creation with which experimentation takes place in contemporary practice / This curatorial proposal however, does not take the claim of going to walk the wild side in a uni-dimensional way, as its title may suggest, In our declaration of Come to the Virgin Forest! we are more than aware that the time has come for us to realize that the experimental paths encompassing art practice over the last decades has led to our fields of interest both within the veracity of speed and the meditativeness of slowness when attempting to comprehend and intervene the stream of contemporary society culture. This invitation, aside from its urge to reshuffle the terms with which it aims to produce new responses to the state of things, also recommends its counterpart - To not add anything to the noise, to stare, to stand, to wait in decisive non-action in the face of the present. With this we invite those artists who are rethinking modes of production and those artists who have decided to take a step back from the velocity of consumption to reconsider those things accumulated in the circulation of contemporary images that form the saturated space of Our Mata Virgem!

// Curated by Jaygo Bloom and Cadu Riccioppo